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Xmas Lighting 2023

Madrid, Spain

Calle Serrano, Madrid

A Christmas forest takes over one of the main streets of Madrid, transforming it into a green and urban park: a party for all. The size and colours of the trees change depending on the location creating an interactive journey that brings you closer or further apart, offering a wide range of views. The different sizes, shapes and colours of this lighting installation represent the wonderful diversity that cohabits harmoniously in the contemporary city.

Castellana, Madrid

A Christmas Tree that loves all those that inhabit and visit the city of Madrid: inlcusive. A happy tree that brings together people creating a community that is proud of its city. We chose a warm colour palette from red to yellow, to orange to pink, to welcome with warmth, embrace and hug everyone. The hearts of the tree beat because Madrid is always alive.


Calle Mayor, Madrid

The classic christmas bell with a geometric pattern in red and gold fills the calle Mayor, one of Madrid's most turistic streets right next to Puerta del Sol, with christmas spirit and joy. Alternating in their composition and movement, they give the impression of jingeling as one walks along the street.

Category | Lighting & Urban Design

Colour Palette | Warm

#lightingdesign #placemaking #citylights #christmasdesign

#urbandesign #colourpower #teresasapeyandparnters

Photos by Asier Rua.

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