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Parking Chueca

Plaza Pedro Zerolo, Madrid

This car parking is located in the Plaza Pedro Zerolo, in Chueca, once of the central neighborhoods of Madrid. Since we refurbished it, it has become much more than a functional space, it has become an icon of the area.

The design concept is based on eroticism and love. The entire underground parking is transformed into an ode to Dante Alighieri’s chapter V of the Inferno, where we read ‘Love, that denial takes from none beloved, caught me with pleasing him so passing well, that, as thou seest, he yet deserts me not’. These powerful verses are displayed on the walls with neon lights. The whole parking is painted black. Video art pieces are projected showing body parts on the walls.

The entrance to this underground parking is marked by a red metallic tie, symbolizing knowledge, awareness and commitment towards fighting HIV.

Category | Parking, Urban, Placemaking, Civic

Colour Palette | Red & Black

#parkingdesign #placemaking #urbandesign #goodsignage

#interiordesign #colourpower #parkingpablozerolo #civicbysapey


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