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Parking Cánovas

Valencia, Spain

The design of the car park project in Plaza Cánovas offers the city and its inhabitants an unsuspectedly sustainable and environmentally friendly space. The huge illustrations covering the walls refer to various parts of the city of Valencia and indicate the routes and the time it takes to walk to them. Each space is a colourful spectacle classified into four floors reflecting the amount of geographical space in the city with respect to: water = blue, natural spaces = green, cultural spaces = red, leisure centres = yellow. 
The lighting design completes the graphics. Lines provide ball bearing controllers and low energy neon lights trace arrows to guide them. The outside entrance and exit onto the square is indicated by a tinted glass enclosure. A photograph of the stairs created with LEDs marks the pedestrian access.

Category | Hospitality, Parking Design, & Placemaking

Colour Palette | Elements

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