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Custo Barcelona

Madrid, Spain

We designed Custo’s fashion store in Calle Claudio Coello, in Madrid. The design concept is guided by their brand identity, which revolves around capturing and evoking elegance.

As the space lacked in height and was unevenly distributed, we decided to use lighting and colour as the key drivers of the project. We carried out various studies, which resulted in a harmonious combination of light and colour, which allowed the space to breath and feel open.


The carpet design encourages the users to walk into and through the space, taking a journey through Custo’s designs. We added lighting on the edges of the carpeting, at floor level, to emphasise the space further. The walls are kept white to increase the feeling of height, while also allowing for the carpet and the exposed items to become the main characters of the space. The furniture is kept white and designed purposely to exhibit Custo’s colourful designs. 

Category | Retail & Fashion

Colour palette | Pop

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