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Gancedo's Showroom

Madrid, Spain

We have recently completed the new headquarters of the Spanish fabric and textile brand ‘Gancedo’ as part of their rebranding strategy. The design principles for this project have been:

  • To design a new retail concept and experience, where the public realm walks into the office merging with the shop-window to create a social and civic central space, almost as a plaza, where both product and people can interact. 

  • To design a journey through the different spaces and brands, where the architecture allows the product to be the main character of the space. 

  • To design offices and spaces that are inclusive for both, the customers and the workers; where they can all thrive and enjoy to be. It provides high quality and sustainable environment for the user as well as the employees. To design a secret garden, a little oasis, in the centre of Madrid.


At the end of the shop, in fact, there is a small garden that we have created from scratch, a little gem that is also used to showcase exterior products, while allowing an informal area for people to have a coffee, a meeting or a drink. Located in the centre of Madrid, space comprises 1.000sqm circa, split across four floors. The ground floor comprises the main showroom and retail experience, including a little garden. The office space is located on the first floor, while the -1 floor accommodates a VIP event area and meeting rooms and the -2 floor welcomes ancillary uses and spaces including staff facilities. As part of the intervention, we open a small patio on the -2 floor to ensure natural light is provided throughout the entire building. 

Category | Retail, Offices & Spatial Re-branding

Colour palette | Natural

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Webiste | Gancedo

Photos by Asier Rua

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