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Lounge Estrella Damm for Rodilla

Madrid, Spain

In order to connect to this lively Mediterranean spirit above all, brightness,
colorfulness and freshness were sought. In fact, natural materials have been combined with warmer earthy colors as much as with coastal sky-blues tonalities, harmoniously and constantly dressed by multicolor brushstrokes. This is a space that, above all, must have its own personality: a seascape which origins lay in a small coastal village, in an authentic beach bar hidden inside its rocks, full of ropes dropping from its ceilings, with walls and even chairs!
This pace is not only though of as a place to relax and rest, but also for sensorial delight and colorful eye fulfillment. A place where dreams come true, where the impossible becomes possible, where summer exists all-year-around...

Category | Lounge Bar

Colour palette | Mediterranean



#dammbysapey #loungebar #retailarchitecture 

#interiordesign #mediterraneancolors #rodillabysapey

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