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Parking Serrano

Madrid, Spain

The inspiration for this parking was the urban landscape, the streets and the asphalt. Underground spaces are the new living spaces of our society, we have the obligation of dignify them and not denigrate.
The goal was to integrate a tunnel to the urban surrounding. Normally sad and dull, they look as scars, never looking good. I thought of the citizens who use the parkings every day of their life, queueing in this rampe and I wanted to make them smile, play with their eyes with these geometric patterns. The main challenge was to invent patterns which would age well, a city make up abstract so you could see it every day from another angle and be different.

Category | Parking Design, & Placemaking

Colour Palette | Hot

#parkingdesign #placemaking #urbandesign #goodsignage

#interiordesign #colourpower #parkingserrano #teresasapeyandparnters

Photos by Juan Bravo, Jorge Juan and Hermanos Becquer.

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