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Xmas Circles

Madrid, Spain


Calle Serrano, Madrid

Located in one of the most luxurious streets of Madrid, Serrano Street, is well known for accommodating most of the high fashion designer shops. It seemed to be a difficult task, but Teresa thought it was a good chance to lighten up the street by using very colorful and geometric designs. Her aim was to brighten up the avenue by turning it into a warm place filled with color. The design involves countless colors which have been combined with circles of assorted shapes. All shapes are different from one and other and, all together, they form a sequence of drawings that can be seen from both street directions. This project, characterized by a powerful aesthetical approach, is also concerned with the environment. In fact, it uses LED technology, with requiring less power use and energetic savings for the city.

Category | Lighting & Urban Design

Colour Palette | Warm

#lightingdesign #placemaking #citylights #christmasdesign

#urbandesign #colourpower #teresasapeyandparnters

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