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ARCO 2020

We have designed the VIP Lounge for ARCO 2020, the yearly contemporary art fair of Madrid. This is the second time that Teresa Sapey + Partners has the opportunity to design this must-see place of the fair. The first time was in partnership with IKEA, in 2012 (read more here).


On this occasion, the studio had the pleasure of working with Actiu, Akaba, Carménes, Diabla, Enea, Equipo DRTEstiluz, Inclass, Joquer, Kriskadecor, LZF Lamps, Nerinea and Ondarreta from the RED Network. In addition to the RED Network, outstanding brands such as Luxiona, Isimar, Grupo Finsa, Milliken, Servitec and Asan Pavimentos also greatly contributed in bringing this project to life. 

On one hand, the project  seeks for users to feel as they are part of a painting or an artwork. Therefore, the space becomes a 3D colourful canvas, where people can interact with the design and live different experiences in the multiple areas that the space offers.


On the other hand, the project aims to create a large scale square, where similarly to an agora, people can find each other easily, can see and be seen, can interact with one and other, can stand or sit, and so forth. Therefore, we decided to include a large scale flight of stairs that worked as a stage, as a theatre and also as a seating place.


The bar, framed by chains and lighting, comprises one unique long counter to avoid queues and to allow for people to sit and stand too. 

The restaurant offers both formal and informal seating. An incredibly long bi-colour dining table framed by the same gradients spatially, functions as a more informal shared space for dining. While round tables of different sizes that accommodate multiple numbers of diners as well as a couple of more private dining spaces, offer a more formal option. 

Category | Ephemeral & Pop Up Architecture

Colour Palette | Happy Rainbows

#viparco2020 #sapeyforarco #popupdesign #placemaking

#thepowerofcolour #aplacetointeract #apaintingtoimmerseyourself

Photos by Asier Rua

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