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Sancti Petri

Cube Dialogue

Placed near a golf club in Sancti Petri, in south Spain, the new stage of this residence was conceived as a familiar house in which they could stay during the summer holidays.
Due to its weather, extremely hot and with strong wind gusts, it was designed as a refuge based on overlapping masses game, trying to simulate wind movement.
The power of the sun is highly drawn on by large windows. When entering the house, we find a great fountain, a swimming pool and, closing the garden, a large Jacuzzi.
The inside of the house is clearly painted and decorated in white terms, and pieces of furniture that may well be considered as art pieces.

Category | Residential

Colour Palette | High End Neutrals

#homedesign #bespokearchitecture #tailormaderesidential

#residentialinteriors #designsbysapey#teamsapey 

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