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Casa Dálmata

Modular Home

Dalmata house is born from the generalized idea of ​​the 'ideal house' that we all have: a fairytale and dream house in which to enjoy everyday life. Contemporary, timeless and current, it offers comfort and warmth at 360 degrees.


It owes its name to the first version, half white and half black, and hence the possibility of always being two-tone in different finishes and tones. They are made up of two main modules, one more public and another more private, one more during the day and the other more at night, reflected on the outside through colour. We wanted to leave this union of modules visible, through the 'visagra'. The two exterior colors are customizable within the same color ranges. In addition to being able to customize the exterior, you can also choose different materials and compositions for the interior. This makes it possible to make a prefabricated house with a 'custom' design.


The interior has been planned in warm, natural and sustainable tones, finishes and materials, which promote well-being, comfort and easy maintenance. The project has been designed to be easy to adapt and reflect new styles of life and living, that is, a house that is everything: office, gym, bedroom, school, restaurant, cinema, etc. of the present and current: comfortable, practical, stylish and tailor-made, which respects the environment. In addition, it offers variants with more bedrooms and with the possibility of being expandable through an additional module to meet everyone's needs.

Category | Residential, Industrial, Modular Home

Colour Palette | Black & White

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