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Casa Apolo

Modular Home

Like the Apollo rocket, this house lands as a new concept of 'ideal house': simple and modular, dreamy and to enjoy. With a contemporary and timeless design, it offers comfort and warmth through modulation, proportion and harmony. It is made up of three main modules: in the center, we find the day/public area; while at the ends, the most private areas are located. The interior has been planned in natural and sustainable tones, finishes and materials, which favor well-being, comfort and easy maintenance. The project has been designed to be easy to adapt and reflect new lifestyles and tastes. It is designed for the user of the present: comfortable, practical, and tailored, which adapts to the user and the environment.

Category | Residential, Industrial, Modular Home

Colour Palette | Black & White

#black6white #modularhome

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