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Architecture & Interior Design Studio, Italian taste, Madrid based

Based in Madrid since 1990, Teresa Sapey + Partners relies on an international multidisciplinary team with extensive experience working globally under the leitmotiv we design spaces with feelings. The in-house team comprises urban
designers and planners, engineers, architects, interior designers and product designers. When needed, the studio teams up with carefully selected external consultants to ensure the delivery of projects of the highest quality.


The studio’s identity is based on researching and designing collaboratively to deliver bespoke projects and unique experiences that want to meet and exceed the client’s vision and user requirements. Every project has its own identity
and its own context, and consequently, every design is tailormade.


The team Sapey, similarly to a tailor, saws together colours, patterns, textures, materials and lighting to design new urban and architectural gowns and clothes, imbued with vitality and dynamic functionality. Finally, the attention to detail is key and essential to the success of each project, from the design of a bench or a pop-up installation all the way to the design of a house or a hotel.

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